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We upgrade your business for real. Branding, new products & services development and go-to-market strategy.

But most of all we implement the necessary CHANGE MANAGEMENT that many companies avoid to do. We bring together the stakeholders, we mediate, plan and just deal with the change for your business success.

We know our stuff

Did you ever dream of getting:

  • Brand Builder & Business Developer combined expertise?
  • An out-of-the-box brand storyteller for your audience?
  • Enhanced Drive & Passion for your team in a new go-to-market attitude?
  • Change management skills to deal the big transition you feel it’s time to do?
  • Out-of-YOUR-box evaluation & diagnose on your market actions?
  • Innovation wizard to upgrade your business strategy?
  • A clear, but creative process implemented by passionate folks?

We can upgrade your business dreams!

  • Track record in developing & launching new products & services.
  • Wow branding  concept & implementation for national and multinational companies.
  • Multimillion sales targets achieved in new developed market channels.
  • Excellence operation management with sustainable increase of financial indicators.
  • Marketing & BD experience in IT&C, retail, oil & gas, environmental services, human resources and media.

who we are


The work we do is defined by Passion, Innovation, Determination and Development attitude.

We seek to build new starts, change and upgrade brands, strategies, companies, people. We are willing to promote innovative solutions for our clients and to efficiently manage the necessary changes.

Meet the team
Roxana Ilie
Roxana Ilie
Passion & Innovation Partner
Radu Ilie
Radu Ilie
Sales Star & Determination Partner

Small Team. Big Results.

  • “Roxana goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of her work is of the highest caliber.” Andre Naniche, as Deputy CEO, The Rompetrol Group N.V.
  • “…targeting for more and digging for new ideas, options, alternatives, perspectives. I highly recommend Roxana as a valuable person for any team that want to grow its performance within any company” - Bogdan Pitigoi, as Managing Director/Business Unit Leader HSEQ – Rompetrol
  • “…Roxana covers it all. Just to summarize: a valuable member of any organization especially for those who need to grow or to reinvent themselves or to re-position for new competitive position on the market.” - Romulus Ilie – as CEO Ecomaster, Rompetrol

Roxana Ilie

Heavy tested senior manager, with combined marketing & business development approach, pragmatic creativity and hands-on ability to run complex change projects. Crazy passionate about out-of-the-box ideas, standing out from the average solutions. Contagiously enthusiastic, processor thinker and ideas inspiring.
• 16 years of Passion & Innovation  (media, IT&C, oil&gas, HR services)
• acting as a change/ development agent.
• birth of new services/ products/ business units: gift/ childcare/ travel vouchers, industrial ecology services, auto-care products, companies rebranding.
  • If the company faces a marketing challenge, just having Roxana on board should bring your objectives closer.”  Nicoleta Coconcea, as Marketing Manager, Rompetrol Gas
  • “ She started and was in charge with a very important project for our company, launching and implementing a new service that had a great influence in our turnover since then.” Geanina Stejar, as Senior Sales Representative, Sodexo
  • “…her one-of-the-kind skill: to adapt to any field, to acquire knowledge and to “conquer” any domain she has interest in. I think she can do a business plan even for the craziest business you can imagine.”  
    Viorel Chesaru, as Business Unit Manager, MediaPro Magic
  • “…strong business acumen and a thorough understanding of the industry’s best practices. She is a meticulous planner, a prudent cost cutter and a passionate practitioner of the continuous improvement philosophy.”  - Cristina Savuica, as Managing Partner Lugera Romania & Cehia

Radu Ilie

Extremely result oriented senior manager, with strong business development & sales approach, operational
effectiveness, with proven capacity to establish branch start-ups or distribution channels for large industry
players, or to reorganize companies for restoring profitability, in spite of economic turmoil.

Strong track record as Sales and General Manager for key-players in retail, households appliances, IT&C fields.

desk el

•  18 years of top management in major national and multinational, with proven and measurable results in term of profitability increase, market share gain, operational efficiency.

• 18 years of organizing/ managing large sales team, mentoring highly sales professionals, capable of top selling results. Best selling trigger is the strong level & quality of relationships maintained with the partners.

• daring executive, experienced in developing new branches/ business divisions/ channels and to make them market stars, or to revert the losses of an existing company into profits & EBIT increases

our services

We help bold, forward-looking companies to upgrade their image, brand portfolio, go-to-market strategy. To develop new products, services, business units or to implement changes that will accelerate their success.


Branding& Communication

We connect brands with people using a creative approach. We make brands matter in customers mind.

  • Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Brand assessment & new concept design.
  • Logo, tag line, positioning, visual identity elements.
  • Brand book & guidelines, tone-of-voice & copy-writing.
  • Internal& external branding process.
  • Off-line communication: sales kit, stationery,  brochures, leaflets, advertising layouts, events.
  • Online communication: website design, well targeted social media campaigns (Facebook, Linkedin), (video) newsletters, white papers.
  • PR campaigns (offline and online), support in designing integrated communication strategy.
  • Packaging & product design.

Product & Business Development

Bringing new products or services to life. As done before, for financial or environmental services, auto care products, new VFX business units or new branches for important companies.

• Market researches, opportunity & feasibility studies, risk analyses.
• Innovation diagnostic, financial model for sustainability.
• Design & implementation of new operational model.
• Alternative entry strategies, communication& sales launch campaign.
• Interim & final profitability evaluation.
• Set up of new branches/business units (juridic, operational, team, procedures).

Go-to-market & Sales strategy

We connect your business with market, building a bidirectional channel. We redefine your go-to-market strategy.

• Research: define & map market, segmentation.
• Diagnostic/ recommendations to improve go-to-market approach.
• Sales Strategy design & implementation, sales KPIs.
• Partnerships & Strategic Alliances Program.
• Channel development, incentive programs and training for partners.
• Key Accounts strategic approach.
• Call-to-action campaign concept.
• Selection/ training/ motivation of the sales team.

Change/ Transition Management

We have the determination and previous experience to implement the changes most companies fear, but need, in order to succeed. We bring together the stakeholders and make them cope with change.

• Processes & business assessment, strategies to implement changes. 

• Risk & change management, need for business re-organizing/ layoffs.
• Implementation & communication plan to announce transition.
• Coach & deal with gaps & internal resistance.
• Integrate learning, closeout & evaluation.
• Cost management: vendor contracts & service renewals
• Cost cuts while preserving headcount or improving balance sheet.
What we do

Branding & Communication

Product & Business Development

Go-to-market & Sales Strategy

Change/ Transition Management

our process









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We discuss the project execution and loop through iterations to incrementally build on the best solution.
On  the way we deal with the change management phases, making it smooth and efficient for your business.

It’s like having your own team of experts.

Get us to upgrade your business.

Upgrade your business dreams.

Call now and hire your own Brand builder/ Go-to-market/ Business Development specialist. All-in-one.

Responsive > Customizable > Innovative

We help you upgrade your business.



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